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Patricia C. rated 4/5

Très agréable surprise ! Plats simples et bons. Serveuse agréable et souriante. Prix corrects !

9 days ago suite à une réservation


Bar W. rated 5/5

11 days ago suite à une réservation


Elise D. rated 5/5

Restaurant convivial avec des produits sains et du savoir faire sur une carte variée. On se régale.

12 days ago suite à une réservation


Lauralyn F. rated 5/5

13 days ago suite à une réservation


Magali M. rated 5/5

14 days ago suite à une réservation

Cristian Mihai B. rated 5/5


17 days ago suite à une réservation


Michel W. rated 5/5

2 months ago suite à une réservation


Subin L. rated 5/5

we had beef tartare and fish fillet, both were super good, well flavored. Also the sevice was very good. Definitely want to visit again!

2 months ago suite à une réservation


Courtney W. rated 1/5

I was reluctant to write this review because I never write poor reviews but I made this reservation based on the high review for this restaurant and had the reviews been more accurate I likely would not have made a reservation here for our last dining experience in Nice. To provide some context, my traveling partner and I are both long time executive chefs from the United States and traveling to Nice to experience the cuisine is a dream come true. From the minute we stepped in this restaurant we knew the experience wasn’t going to be what we were hoping for. The server was genuinely cold and by the end of the meal, downright rude. There was no AC so the restaurant was very stuffy, we were both sweating through our clothes ten minutes into the experience. Decor lacked any charm or care for order or warmth. Kitchen was open (typically such a treat) but this one, although not “dirty” was incredibly messy and disorganized (not a good look at all). I unfortunately wouldn’t even categorize the food as mediocre. Tomato burrata salad had no seasoning, was thrown together with little care for presentation or flavor. For a place and a time of year that is overflowing with the bounty of pristine ingredients it was clear that showcasing ingredients was not in the best interest of this chef. Beef carpaccio also had no seasoning, had the exact same carelessly prepared “garnish” as the tomato salad (some poorly julienned, raw, unseasoned carrots and mesclun mix from a bag) —carpaccio was not sliced thin enough, beef was fine quality. Carpaccio was served with a side plate of “frites Maison”. Not a single fry on the plate was crispy—every one undercooked and completely limp (at least it was hot). The server really did seemed to get more rude as the meal went on, and honestly we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Such a disappointment—for two chefs who probably would have eaten the whole menu—we left hungry, frustrated and sad.

2 months ago suite à une réservation


Nathalie D. rated 5/5


2 months ago suite à une réservation

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